The Olcay Krafft fashion label, established in 1989, is a feminine, ever youthful, colourful range, crafted with loving attention to detail.

Unique to Cologne, the label has its own bright rooms where you can look for and try on your dream outfit in leisure, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Olcay Krafft, the label’s founder and designer, is on hand in the showroom to show customers her collection. As well as business, city and leisure wear, there are individual and out-of-the-ordinary creations for weddings, balls and cocktail parties. And if you want something "of your own", she’ll be happy to design a bespoke garment for you.

In addition to her design degree, Olcay is a trained colour, style and image consultant and a key part of her approach is the advice she’s able to give her customers. She often spends quite some time talking with them about clothes, shoes, hairstyles and even jewellery. Many of those conversations turn into complete outfit advice sessions. And when the customer leaves the store, she’s usually found her style. It’s always a pleasure for Olcay to see how strong and self-confident the ladies look when they’re wearing the right outfit.
Over the years, Olcay has developed a large customer base, from businesswomen to actresses and from doctors to managers. And she often hears how self-confident and strong they feel in her clothes. In fact, a lot of them only ever wear Olcay Krafft designs now!

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